Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Working Wednesday: Part II

When I scheduled the post for today I didn't plan on having a  new listing up yet, but I was able to get one up after all today! This was a design I made for a customer and I absolutely love it! I love it in so many different color combinations as well. The brown is the vinyl and the flowers show through whatever your wall color is so the combinations are endless!


Kristin said...

We LOVE ours!!!! Ours is white and the red wall shows through. You are so fabulous, Sarah!

Anonymous said...

aww Thank You!! Yours makes me want to paint a wall in the house red, I LOVE the white on the red wall.

SomeGirl said...

That's BEAUTIFUL! I love your blog... so stylish, soothing and pleasing to the eye! ♥ Michelle