Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Customize a bookcase!

When L turned 2 she moved into a toddler bed and I made her new curtains and bedding with an adorable mermaid fabric. Now that she's almost 3 we finally moved our computer out of her room so she has the room to herself. We stopped at Meijier on our way home from church in the middle of a storm storm to look for a bookcase for her. They didn't have any small white ones so we looked in the closet organizers and picked up a small Closetmaid 3 shelf unit that works perfect as a bookcase for her!

Of course I had to spruce it up a bit to match her room and best of all she told me she loves her new bookcase! Everything is made from removable wall vinyl so if we get tired of it or have to get her a bigger bookcase later on (which will probably happen since this one is almost full and my sister is a librarian) we can just peel the vinyl off and repurpose this shelf else ware! The design of the vinyl was made from sketches of mine as well as some design work on the computer. I love how it turned out!

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